The world was shaken by the massive attack on the city of New Labertouche four years ago. Many questions were asked but no answers could be given. What really happened? The internet was set ablaze by cell phone pictures and blogs of residents who experienced these attacks firsthand. Many speculated if the 'monsters' were even real, or some kind of terrorist attacks. As expected, the government was quick to cover up the crisis as just that: a terrorist attack.

Within the first two years New Labertouche began rebuilding itself immediately, with the help of the government, soldiers, volunteer workers, and even companies from outside of the country that wanted to seize the opportunity to get their names out there for a good cause. The Labertouche Four Seasons Mall was rebuilt, bigger and better than ever, with double the stores.

Excellent Bean opened three more stores around the city, while keeping their original location across the street from the Labertouche museum.

The buildings that were destroyed beyond repair were replaced with greenery, creating one of the biggest parks in the country, Meadows Park. The park stretches two miles long and one mile wide. In the center of the park lies a memorial dedicated to the lives lost during the attack, with names engraved in black stone at the base of a two story statue of General McTyre, who was praised by the public for his heroic actions and leadership.

The attack itself, dubbed “The Mukademon Crisis” by personnel only, inspired the city to have its own brand of local soldiers. Not quite police officers, but only called when S.W.A.T couldn't handle the situation. These soldiers hadn't been given official names by the public, but worked for a new branch in the government, an organization called the Digital Bioterrorism Security Alliance, or D.B.S.A for short.

By the third year, the city was back to normal, cleaner than ever with a lower crime and unemployment rate than it had had in the last ten years.

Brother and sister, Logan and Rose Divine, took over Atlas Corps as the C.E.Os. Rose took over the chair in her mother’s place while Logan continues to live in Germany, handling the second-largest Atlas Corps branch located there. With Mukademon's influence no longer a problem, Atlas Corps cleaned up its act in the public eye through better products, and a much larger social involvement.

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