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The D-Ex is an entirely new model of Digivice. While the D-Touch of old was based on a touch phone, the D-Ex is a unique gizmo that doesn’t appear to have a real-world counterpart. The colored lines glow when the Digivice is activated. It doesn’t appear to be made of any earth-based metal, and both screens are a glossy black that resists scratches and fingerprints.


The vials contain the literal essence of the Old Gods, their blood. Though essentially useless to others unless they know how to work with it, it is of extreme importance to the Sleepers group of Chosen. Due to the unique circumstances of their partners' birth, they require the power of the Old Gods to evolve. Once absorbed into the D-Ex, the vial's contents remain there permanently.

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Eva Jarvis’ bakery, which she took ownership of shortly after the events of Reboot. Since Adrian – friend and roommate of Ryan – works there, it became an inevitable hangout location. The confectionery specializes in cupcakes and tarts, but also sells larger cakes, macarons, cake pops, and other baked goods.


The most popular coffee shop in town. Excellent Bean mostly appeals to the local twenty-somethings that attend the colleges and universities in the area.

They're best known for great service, offering free wireless, and serving an insane variety of delicious (and definitely not burnt) coffee.


The Atlas Corporation is the leading company behind most of the electronics and appliances around the world. Run by siblings Logan and Rose Divine, the company retains an iron fist in the distribution of said stock.

Four years ago the company’s previous CEO, Bella Divine, was heavily involved in the Digimon attack that destroyed the original Atlas Corps towers (as well as parts of the city). Atlas Corp now works hard to redeem itself in the eyes of the population, taking heavy part in charity events.

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