Frequently Asked

Will you be doing evolution videos for Sleepers? Why aren't they done yet?
Maybe, probably. But definitely not right away, on time for their reveal. When Xuza started the Reboot videos, she actually had time to work on them. Now that she works full-time, it's just not feasible to get the animations done regularly. They are a LOT of work (and to be honest she desn't even enjoy animating that much). So they might happen, eventually. The story is what's most important, the art is just sprinkles.

Are you aware the characters are all over twenty?
…yes. That was on purpose. Many Digimon fans grew up with the series and are now in their twenties, if not older. Reboot was made to appeal to this generation of Digimon fans, so the characters are older than the ones in the series.

How much time has passed since Reboot?
Four years, give or take a few months!

Can I use your characters?
Using any Sleepers character without permission is strictly forbidden. It's stealing. Please have some respect for us as creators and do not steal and/or copy our designs. Make your own original ones, it's much more fulfilling.

Can you include my character in the Sleepers story?
Sorry, but we do not have the plot allowance for additional characters. Even “random Digimon” to serve as the enemy of the day. If we allowed one Digimon in for that purpose, we’d have to allow them all, and that’s a slippery slope we do not want to get caught in.

May I create a fan character in the Sleepers universe?
Sure! But if you’re going to be using the D-Ex design, then you’d have to credit those to Digimon Sleepers. You may also want to avoid using the Digivice colours already in use, if it’s a character for our universe.
But please keep in mind, no matter how fleshed out your character is, and how much you might think they would fit into the Sleepers universe, we aren't going to use them in the storyline.

Can I make a fanart of the character?
Of course, we always like to see fanart of our characters. If you do make fanart, we will gladly add it to the website’s gallery :)

I like 'insert idea here' that you've used in Sleepers. Can I use the same 'insert idea here' in my story?
You should try coming up with your own ideas for your story, it’s much more satisfying to write something you came up with yourself :) Then you can have more pride in it.

Can you do screenshots for my Digimon story?
Sorry, but screenshots are a lot of work. Our artists don’t have the time to do free screenshots for other stories.

Have you presented your idea to Bandai?
No, we have not, and likely never will.
Bandai is a corporation, who will more than likely not listen to fans. It also doesn’t help that none of us speak Japanese.
We also wouldn’t want to hand over control of Sleepers, for fear that they would ruin it. Sleepers is for an older generation. The Digimon series currently in production are for much younger audiences. The concept wouldn’t translate well.

If you have any additional questions for Digimon Sleepers, feel free to send a note to our DeviantART group, our shiny new Facebook page, or by !

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